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CKB Eco Fund Grants

The CKB Eco Fund is committed to fostering a thriving and sustainable ecosystem around CKB.
We provide grants and support to projects that contribute to the growth and adoption of CKB and related technologies.

Focus Areas

Infrastructure and Research

We support projects that focus on building critical infrastructure or conducting research that benefits the CKB ecosystem, even though they may not have immediate commercial viability.

Ecosystem Applications

We support decentralized applications and tools that expand the utility and accessibility of CKB. These projects should have the potential for commercial viability and independent operation. Projects must deploy their contracts on CKB.

We are particularly interested in projects that contribute to:
Bitcoin Finance (BiFi)UTXO Stack-basedDigital Objects (DOBs)Nostr-relatedLightning Network on CKBGamesAutonomous WorldsOther Innovative Projects

Application Process

A. Submit Application

The application team shall craft a comprehensive proposal and submit it.

B. Review and Vote

The grant committee will review the application and then vote on it.

C. Sign Agreement

Sign an agreement outlining the milestones to be achieved.

D. Distribute Grants

With all the steps complete, the grants will be disbursed.


1. Who can apply for the grant?
Anyone can apply for a grant, including individuals, teams, nonprofits and companies.
2. How long does the review process take?
Timing varies depending upon the number of inbound applications, but it typically takes around 4 weeks to get from the application to the final decision.
3. What size are the grants?
Most grants range between $3k-50k USD. However, there is no minimum or maximum amount, which is assessed on how significant and realistic the application is as related to the deliverables.
4. Are there any restrictions on how grants can be used?
Grant funds must be used to achieve the mutually agreed-upon milestones outlined in the grant agreement. The eco fund may require an audit on a project’s use of the grant to ensure the use of proceeds is in accordance with the terms of the grant.
5. What stage should my project be at to qualify for a grant?
At CKB Eco Fund, we welcome projects at various stages of development, including early-stage projects. However, please note that our evaluation criteria consider your project proposal's feasibility, potential impact, and clarity, even if it is still in the early stages. We are also open to supporting projects already active on other blockchains and exploring integration with CKB.

CKB Community Fund DAO Grants

The CKB Community Fund DAO is a community fund initiated by the Nervos community and jointly contributed by the community and the Nervos Foundation to fund community members to do various things around the CKB L1 ecosystem, such as code development, event organization, content production etc.

The CKB Community Fund DAO has an initial holding of 276,000,000 CKB. The list of funded projects can be found here.

For builders looking for grants and other support within Nervos CKB, please read and follow this guide.